The Best Graphics Card Under 150 Dollars for Gaming

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Are there any strong graphics card you can get under 150 dollars??, the good news is, yes there are some of them.

Well, for such budget you can get mainstream graphics cards like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 non Ti and Radeon RX 460. Those graphics card are really popular among gamers not just because their affordable price, but also because they have been equipped with DDR5 memory type and are strong enough to run most modern games with high settings.

- At least Quad core CPU and 500 Watts power supply are required to run the cards below properly.
- The video cards in this article are quite strong for 900p or 1080p gaming with decent frame rate. However, avoid the cards below if you are planning to play games on larger resolutions.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

The coming of GTX 1050 Series makes the graphics card market more exciting. Overall the GTX 1050 is able to offer nice gaming performance in Full-HD resolution settings with decent FPS on some popular AAA games like Battlefield 1. Even in most games you will get an average FPS above 60 FPS therefore you can play the games comfortably.

GeForce GTX 1050 uses GPU based on 16nm Pascal architecture with GP107-400 code. Based on the code used, GP107 is indicated on GTX 1050 is the full version without any microprocessor stream cuts. The GP107 chip itself is supplied 6 BC with 768 CUDA cores in it. GPU is staying will have Base clocked at 1318 MHz with Boost Clock at 1380 MHz.

For its memory sector, the GPU is equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory with 7 GHz speed and 128-bit interface. The most interesting is the max TDP of the GTX 1050 is only 75 Watt, meaning GTX 1050 from NVIDIA and the reference version of its partners can rely on power from the PCI-E slot without additional power from the PCI- E.

Power Consumption:  75 W
Memory Bandwidth:  112.0 GB/s

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AMD Radeon RX 460

Aimed toward gamers with limited budget, of course some of you might curious about what is offered by this graphic card.

Radeon RX 460 brings the Polaris 11 GPU which has different specification than the RX 470 and RX 480 (with their Polaris 10 GPU). One noticeable difference is its lower TFLOPS rating, at 2.2 TFLOPS, or less than half of the RX 470 and RX 480 GPUs. This is certainly due to the use of smaller number of shaders/compute units.

Speaking of gaming performance in 1080p, the Radeon RX 460 2GB demonstrates competitive performance in its class, where it is able to compete with the GTX 950, and is fairly constant on top of the GTX 750 Ti. Compared to its class predecessor, the R7 360, RX 460 is far enough, about 20-25%. 

But there is one thing to note, the difference between video capacity of memory between RX 460 2GB and RX 460 4GB gives a significant influence on performance in some games such as Assassin Creed Unity, Grand Theft Auto V, and Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Power Consumption:  75 W
Memory Bandwidth:  112.0 GB/s
GPU Clock:  1090 MHz
Memory Clock:  7000 MHz effective

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GTX 750 Ti

For the PC users with limited funds, enjoying the capabilities offered by Maxwell GPU architecture on the GeForce GTX 900 Series may be difficult to achieve. But do not forget if NVIDIA has other two graphics cards based on  Maxwell GPU architecture, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and non Ti version.

Especially for GTX 750 Ti, Although its gaming performance is not as strong as a video card from GTX 900 Series, it is still one of the best cheap gaming card that you need to consider.

Overall, just like HD 7750, the GTX 750 Ti is small and doesn't require a lot of power (only 60 Watts). However, with 86400 MB/sec memory bandwidth, the GTX 750 Ti is faster if compared with Radeon HD 7750.

CUDA Cores: 640
Power Consumption:  60 Watts
Memory Bandwidth:  86400 MB/sec
Texel Rate:  40800 Mtexels/sec

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GeForce GTX 650

GTX 650 graphics card is the successor of the GTX 550 Ti that uses GPU chip based on Fermi. With a combination of an equivalent amount of shader like GTX 560 Ti has, but with only 128-bit memory bus, the GTX 650 is still able to provide optimal performance for mainstream PC gamers.

If we see the class and the price range of GeForce GTX 650, by using 28nm Kepler-based chip with GK107 code, apparently, this video card is designed to run new games with medium to high quality settings (on 900p or 1080p resolutions). This cheap gaming card itself is intended to fill the gap between Nvidia GT 640 and GTX 660 Ti, and to compete against the Radeon HD 7000 series.

Just like the GT 640, with 2 streaming multiprocessor units, the GeForce GTX 650 is powered by 384 Cuda cores as the main engine, 32 Texture Units, and 16 ROP Units. and is equipped with 1GB and 2 GB GDDR5 memory. The difference between the GeForce GTX 650 and GT 640 lies in the use of the type of memory and clock specifications.

That said, the GTX 650 is a GT 640, but with GDDR5 memory type, higher clock specifications, and additional PCIe power connector requirement. The use of GDDR5 memory type itself provides a total memory bandwidth of two times larger than the use DDR3 memory type. Unfortunately, There is no GPU Boost feature for this video card.

One thing that stole our attention on the GeForce GTX 650 is it needs one power connector even though its max TDP is just 64 Watt. With such low max TDP, One reason for NVIDIA to provide this power connector is to provide a wider space for gamers who want to overclock the card. If you are a big fan of Nvidia, then the GTX 650 is one of the best choice for you.

CUDA Cores: 384
Power Consumption:  64 Watts
Memory Bandwidth:  80000 MB/sec
Texel Rate:  33856 Mtexels/sec

Status: discontinued

Radeon R7 260X

Radeon R7 200 series currently offers three variants: R7 260X, R7 250, and R7 240. In this article, our discussion will focus on the best and fastest models from the series, the R7 260X. Unlike the other R9 200 video card which are offered at a price range above 200 dollars, the R7 260X is offered at a price under or around 150 dollars for the standard version.

One of the newest technology used by R7 260X which can not be found on the Radeon R9 270X or 280X is the TrueAudio support. Currently Radeon R7 260X is the first graphics card on the market and most inexpensive card to support this features.

Bonaire XT GPU
The brain used by R7 260X is Bonaire XT GPU chip, which is also used by HD 7790, and still carries the GCN architecture (Graphics Core Next).

Bonaire XT has 14 CU (Compute Units) which included a 896 Stream Processors, 56 Texture Units, and 16 ROP Units. Bonaire XT GPU chip itself is the latest and last family of Southern Island where AMD uses 2.08 billion transistor and 28 nm fabrication process.

Power Consumption:  115 Watts
Memory Bandwidth:  104000 MB/sec 
Texel Rate:  61600 Mtexels/sec

Status: discontinued

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